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Packing Up The Year That Was

August 2014 -  I was given a one year opportunity to partner up with another artist and settle in an art space. During this year we worked intensely on our own individual projects while providing platform to other artists. It was a memorable year. Exhibitions and openings took place, many travels were involved, new and wonderful people came into my life, I completed my Stasi project, and the war broke out. When the year ended and time came to move on, I decided to make a personal note of it. Using my belongings, I set up the scenes, each playing a symbol of a situation or an encounter or an event which left its mark on me.

Meeting Points

For a couple of years I would take advantage of early mornings and go to the run down zones of Tel Aviv. Poverty, waste, crumbling structures and general neglect would stand bare before me, challenging me to find a point of comfort. I grew fond of these areas and looked forward to my weekly visits, as they provided a sense of discovery and enabled me to reacquaint with my environment. As the project progressed and the images accumulated, it soon became clear that other meeting points were subtly created through my repetitive visits. 

Making My Goodbyes

This is a fast pace era, an era of transition and constant change. Technology, globalisation, cheap Chinese labour and 3D printers are rapidly ridding us of small businesses and scenes which were once perceived common. Those who mange to survive become fewer and fewer, but those who stand to inherit, will most likely transform or liquify the assets, bringing the last of the survivors to an end. It was my wish to document and monumentalise what will soon no longer be.

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