Medenblik’s photographs touch varied fields, while carrying a common interest in weaving contemporary reality with traces of history. At times the past and its signs overpower the present, while in others the past merely scratches the present, leaving it with an eternal memoir.


Her personal and artistic present life leads her time and again to use photography as a creative means of revelation, exploration and interpretation. She finds added value in projects which carry a historical context: The starting point is already saturated with connotations, and the outcome can last another one hundred years, as it meaningfully incorporates past and present. 


Time and again the element of contradiction recurs in Medenblik's works. It is the contradiction between a vibrant color and its dismal origin; a contradiction between appearances in a photograph and the true concept behind the element which is photographed; a contradiction between a forgotten place or object and its aestheticized version on its way to becoming perpetuated.