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'Mixed memories' | The Artist Wall, Art Cube Artists Studios

Cornelia Renz hosts Belle Shafir and Michelle Medenblik

PANEL: Intimate Memoirs, Official Memorials and the Collective Memory

The Shared History of Germany and Israel Through the Eyes of Visual Culture - a panel in context of “Mixed Memories” 

Dr. Bettina Greiner (Germany, Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung), Dr. Ofer Ashkenazi (Israel, Hebrew University), the artists Michelle Medenblik and Belle Shafir. Moderated by: Cornelia Renz


GROUP SHOW: Belle Safir hosts Michelle Medenblik and Cornelia Renz

as part of the Tel Aviv *loving art. making art* weekend

'ZONE02' | Kayma Gallery | Two Week Expo

Michelle Medenblik & Carolyn Von Törne | Two Perspectives 

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