ZONE02 was a Kayma Gallery special event which featured a collaborative work between Michelle Medenblik and the German-Canadian artist, Carolyn von Törne from Berlin. Medenblik and von Törne have photographed the theme of the secret police, more commonly known as the Stasi in former East Germany. The ‘documented’ subject was essentially the same but the results were dramatically different, showing the unique property of subjective perception of image-making, which constitutes the fascination of photography.


Von Törne implements the technology of digital photography in her work, but in recent years she has returned to the very roots of photography: wet-plate photography on glass, also known as ambrotype photography, is an early photographic technique. The ambrotype’s luminous quality is the result of metallic silver forming a negative of the image on the surface of glass; the shadow box has a background layer of black velvet which then brings forth the completed positive image. Thus, the viewer’s perception wanders between two and three-dimensional space.