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  • MichelleMedenblik

FRAGMENTS | Play It Again Sam

World War II marked the onset of a musical revolution, fueled by the rising prominence of radio and its widespread adoption in households. The radio, during this period, assumed a place of utmost significance, reaching a broader audience than ever before.

Under the Nazi regime, the number of households with radios skyrocketed from four million to 16 million, while in the United States, radio ownership in the 1940s reached an astonishing 96% of homes.

Music played a dual role during the war, serving as a medium for both government propaganda and a respite from the horrors of battle. On one hand, it was employed by authorities to convey messages of optimism and bolster morale among the population. On the other hand, it provided an escape from the realities of war, offering solace and diversion from the hardships endured.


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